Four men have won the race in the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs and qualified to win the championship.

Those are the people Tyler Reddick lists him at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday night.

And now he's ready to go to Charo Talladega Superspeed

Denny Hamlin is now sixth in the playoff standings entering Talladega

The best average finish that Denny Hamlin ran in the playoffs is 5.75.

Kyle Larson who will now enter Talladega and here's his number four

Chase Elliot It Ride A Flaming Car After Breaking The Wall Due To A Tire Problem And It Wasn't Some Camper After That

And when it enters the Talladega playoff standings, they are ranked number 32.

William Byron may be number 1 on Denny Hamlin's list

NASCAR made the right decision to fine William Byrne 25 points and $50,000 for 2 days of caution