Formula one governing body has Issued a schedule on Wednesday

They have announced the race schedule to be held in 2023 on Wednesday.

Let us tell you that 24 races will be organized in 2023.

This could be the longest season of a formula one race

This race will be held in Las Vegas after 41 years

Earlier the race was organized here in 1982.

It's first race will be held on 5 March and the last race on 26 November.

Now in know about the special thing of this race

It has a complete circuit of 6.12kms.

The entire circuit will have 14 training tracks

And with all this, there will be a speed of 342 kilometres per hour.

A total of 3 races will be held in America next year

Races will also be held in Miami and Austin

The race will be held on May 7 in Miami

The race will be held in Austin on October 22

And the race will be held on November 18 in Las Vegas